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Computerised Financial Management Courses in Ethiopia

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2KO Ethiopia's courses in Computerised Financial Management will assist you with understanding the process of financial management in computerised environment as well as teach you varied strategies to manage financials in the modern world, using the latest computerised systems. 2KO Africa is a professional training company, delivering cutting edge programs in the IT space and in selected business applications. Our training is offered online, live online and also by instructor led classes. 2KO Africa's business courses are available world-wide, many of them leading to European Certification., to ensure students have access to the best Computerised Financial Management training anywhere in Ethiopia, and even the world.


Computerised Financial Management (2 Weeks full time)

Course overview
Financial managers are tasked with determining the financial requirements, maximization of scarce financial resources that best meet the objectives of the organisation. The role of information of technology to achieving this objective has become necessary in view of the timelines, accuracy and enhanced financial reports that can be generated. Further more the implementation and application of computerized accounting and financial management software will greatly assist managers with business decisions and strategic analysis. This course is designed to re-enforce the existing skills of participants on a sound computerized financial and management accounting applications to enable them make positive contribution to their organisation efficiently and effectively.

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Course Objectives
General IT In Financial Environment
System analysis and design.
Basic Programming
Business and Technology Trends.
Project Financial Management.

Financial Management Support Tools (Application Software)
Financial Budgets.
Cash flow Statements and Business Plans.
Capital Budgeting:
Discounting/Compounding Techniques
Pay back period.
Sensitivity analysis and Decisions.

Management Reports (Pastel Accounting Software)
Windows and Computerised Financial Accounting Environment.
Accounting Cycles: Creating of new organisation & -setup.
Maintaining General Ledgers, for all accounts.
Processing Cash Book Batches.
Bank Reconciliation.
Trial Balance.
Generating Financial Statements and Reports.
Ratio Applications and Interpretations.
Financial File Creations.
Data Bases.
Financial Risk.
Journal Batches.
Computer Auditing
Visual and Graphical Presentations of Financial Data.

General Management
Functions of Management.
Stress Management.
Management and Implementation of Change.

Final Project
Action Planning.

Included in your course fees

Professional fees for the design of the programme
Professional fees for the delivery of the programme
Teaching materials and consumables
Travel & accommodation for faculty
Venue, equipment hire
Snacks and refreshments
Airport Pick Up and Drop Off
Basic Computer familiarisation training

How to enrol for this course
Before enrolling for a course you should have the following information ready:
Date you wish to attend the course
Payment method - how you will be paying
An understanding of the costs of the total package


About the course
It is important to understand the change management process and learn some important change management tools. Change takes place on three different levels:
   the Individual
   the Team
   the Organization